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Fall 2002 Symposium and Short Course Event: Biotech and Commercial Applications

Kossiakoff Conference Center

JHU Applied Physics Labs, Fall 2002, 25 November 2002

The symposium on November 25 focused on biotech and commercial applications of MEMS. The morning session began with Michael Krihak’s overview of the DARPA bioflips program. He was followed by Joel Voldman who presented his work with dielectrophoretic traps for cell study and manipulation at MIT. Lori Goldner from NIST followed with her work on single molecule probes. In the afternoon, Claude Hilbert from Teravicta and Michele Migiuolo from Verimetra gave their perspectives on how a MEMS device can make the transition from the laboratory to a commercial product. There was also a wealth of interesting student posters. Cynthia Wu won the best poster award with her work, titled “Spatially-Selective Deposition of a Reactive Polysaccharide Layer onto a Patterned Template.”

On November 26, we held our first series of short courses. The sessions included “MEMS Fabrication Technologies” with Reza Ghodssi, “MEMS Applications” with Dave Nagel, “MicroFlow Control in Lab-on-a-Chip Device” with Laurie Locascio, “CMOS Integrated Circuit Foundry MEMS” with Michael Gaitan, and “MEMS Design Workshop” with Samara Firebaugh. It was a long day, but a big success. We had such great students!

The workshop was organized by Ann Darrin, Sanghamitra Dutta, Samara Firebaugh, Michael Gaitan, Reza Ghodssi, Laurie Locascio, Dave Nagel, Ron Polcawich, Elisabeth Smela, Carl Stahl and Mona Zaghloul. Patricia Prettyman really did all the work.

The next MEMS Alliance Workshop will be held in Spring 2003.

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