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2014 MEMS/NEMS Platform Session

Invited Presentation

Professor Sarah Bergbreiter

University of Maryland, College Park


Tiny Leaps for Robot Kind: Combining microfabrication and robotics

Sarah Bergbreiter joined the University of Maryland, College Park in 2008 as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, with a joint appointment in the Institute for Systems Research. She received her B.S.E. degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1999. After a short introduction to the challenges of sensor networks at a small startup company, she received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in 2004 and 2007 with a focus on microrobotics. She received the DARPA Young Faculty Award in 2008 and the NSF CAREER Award in 2011 for her research on engineering robotic systems down to sub-millimeter size scales. She has also received the Best Conference Paper Award at IEEE ICRA 2010 on her work incorporating new materials into microrobotics and the NTF Award at IEEE IROS 2011 for early demonstrations of jumping microrobots.

Contributed Talks:


Christopher House, Jenelle Piepmeier, John Burkhardt, Samara Firebaugh

US Naval Academy

Analysis of Flapping Mechanism for Acoustically Actuated Microrobotics


Jie Zou1, 2, Houxun Miao1,2, Thomas Michels1, 2, and Vladimir Aksyuk1

1 Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology,
2 Maryland Nanocenter, University of Maryland, College Park

Integrated silicon optomechanical transducers and their application in atomic force microscopy


Dmitry A. Kozak,1 Todd Stievater,2 Marcel Pruessner,2 and William Rabinovich 2

1 National Research Council Post-doctoral Fellow
2 Naval Research Laboratory

Progress Towards a MEMS Tunable Infrared Filter using Porous Silicon


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